Lisa Rea Currie – “How to make them love you”

How to make them love you

Try to be born first.
That works for a little while and
be well-behaved so
you’re never any trouble.

Don’t sulk or frown.
Don’t smile too much or
people will notice and
you’ll get wrinkles when you’re old.

Dress more like a girl.
Not too girly, just
the right shade of lipstick or
you’ll look like a whore.

The same goes for red shoes,
visible straps and jewellery.
Only the cheapest of ladies
wear all their jewellery at once.

Be more womanly.
Get married, have babies.
Not too many babies,
don’t you know how they’re made?

Don’t ask for help.
Keep your home and your job
and your figure, be grateful, smile.

Don’t smile too much or
you’ll get wrinkles when you’re old.

Lisa is a new poet from Northern Ireland. Her New Year’s Resolution was to join a writing group which she has since found to be mostly supportive and only a tiny bit terrifying. In her day job she works in heritage so she often finds her writing is heavily influenced by landscape and the past.