Tim Brookes – “Life’s Laundry”

Life’s Laundry

Tuesday, the pain of mumps,
but you won’t sit with me.
Rationing the treats of company
and Lucozade.

Bed stripped and sighs,
pulling socks and pants
from the heart of Ali Baba.
Thrown and swallowed by
twin tubs grinding cycles.

Careful pour of powder
Bold, Surf, Tide,
a cap of Comfort.
The fierce glugging
of moist mischief.

Then stop.
Grab and tug uncompliant sheets,
dump in basket to peg on
line and pole that serve as
wayward moorings.

Back inside I watch as you spit
on hot steel
to iron out our life’s creases.

Tim Brookes has lived in the West Riding most of his life. He started to write after retiring from working in a Pupil Referral Unit and has had poems published in Dreich, the Poetry and Covid Project and was shortlisted for the Red Shed Poetry Competition.

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